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New York
Northwell launches advanced video training for robot-assisted surgery through C-SATS
Story Number is : 111517100
Northwell Health

James Sullivan, MD, vice chair of surgical oncology at the Northwell Health Cancer Institute, called C-SATS an important addition to the health system's culture of education and training.
Northwell Health is taking a progressive approach to continuously enhancing the skills, training and education of its physicians performing robot-assisted surgery through the implementation of C-SATS, Inc.’s innovative video case review system. This video case review system provides customized learning opportunities to continuously improve surgeons’ technical skills. And since it’s online, it can be integrated into their daily routine in a near-seamless way.

“For us, it’s simple. Northwell is focused on continuously enhancing patient safety and quality of care,” said James Sullivan, MD, vice chair of surgical oncology at the Northwell Health Cancer Institute. “We know that one of the best ways to achieve this is by creating a culture of education and surrounding our providers with excellent training. C-SATS is an incredible addition to our educational offerings for surgeons.”

After a successful pilot project, Northwell launched C-SATS in eight of its hospitals this fall: North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, Staten Island University Hospital, Huntington Hospital, Northern Westchester Hospital in Mount Kisco, Southside Hospital in Bay Shore and Phelps Hospital in Sleepy Hollow.

Surgeons who perform procedures with robotic equipment use C-SATS to upload HIPPA-compliant videos of surgeries involving patients whose identity is kept confidential. Crowds of trained reviewers then evaluate the surgeon’s technical skills. Once their scores are tallied, the surgeons have a chance to gain detailed feedback on their performance from peers who are considered experts in the field. These methods are then paired with resources and learning opportunities customized to the specific needs of the surgeon.

“In the same way athletes watch game film to improve their forward passing or curveball, surgeons can watch operating room video to hone their use of robotic equipment,” said Derek Streat, CEO of C-SATS, Inc. “Great professionals – athletes or surgeons – are those who continuously work to improve their skills. Most importantly, it will enable them to provide superior care to Northwell patients.”

Currently, Northwell surgeons perform more robotic surgeries than any other provider on the Eastern seaboard. Robotic systems are used for minimally invasive cancer, cardiovascular, gynecological, thoracic, colorectal, urological, hip and knee, head and neck, and general surgeries.

Northwell surgeons use C-SATS to improve their skills and standards of care, and in turn patient outcomes. The process is quick, and feedback is gathered in just a few hours. This allows surgeons to retrieve their results when convenient, which means they can integrate training into their daily routine instead of taking days or weeks away from work.

“Getting feedback helped me stay focused on improving my technical skills,” said Dara Shalom, MD, a uro-gynecologist who participated in the pilot program. “The advice I got from my peers is fresh in my mind every time I go into surgery.”

C-SATS is already used in more than 70 health systems across the country. It is designed to ensure the safety and confidentiality of both Northwell surgeons and patients. C-SATS enables surgeons to gain continuing education credits, as well as a C-SATS certification when regularly using the application.

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