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September is National Alcohol and Drug Recovery Month! Recovery is possible for families and help is available!!
Story Number is : 102316110
AdCare Hospital Worcester

During Recovery Month and throughout the year, AdCare is pleased to promote awareness that families can and do recover from substance use disorders.
Often referred to as a family disease, alcohol and drug dependency deeply impacts family and friends. When a family member is misusing substances, the effects are felt by his or her immediate and extended family. Family members may feel abandoned, anxious, fearful, angry, concerned, embarrassed, or guilty. They may also wish to ignore or cut ties with a person who is misusing substances. This is true for traditional families, as well as non-traditional families, which may include stepchildren, same-sex couples, and individuals who consider or include their friends as their family unit.
Tips and Resources for Families

In keeping with the family focus and theme of Recovery Month 2016, “Our Families, Our Stories, Our Recovery,” here are some tips and resources to help families on the path to recovery, even if the person who is using substances does not agree to end his or her use.
Focus on your own needs

Practice self-care.
• Eat healthy meals.
• Get adequate sleep.
• Manage stress by engaging in hobbies.
• Exercise.
Find Support.
You don’t have to do it alone. Some of the best support often comes from others who are, or have been, in similar circumstances. Consider joining an AdCare Family Informational and Support Program. Family Programs are complimentary, open to anyone concerned with the substance use of a family member or friend, provide education about substance use and recovery, as well as resources and support for family members.
AdCare Boston Outpatient
14 Beacon Street
2nd Wednesday of the month | 6:30 pm
AdCare Quincy Outpatient
1419 Hancock Street
1st Thursday of the month | 6:00 pm
AdCare North Dartmouth
88 Faunce Corner Road
4th Wednesday of the month | 6:00 pm

AdCare West Springfield Outpatient
117 Park Avenue
2nd Wednesday of the month | 6:00 pm
AdCare Worcester Outpatient
95 Lincoln Street
4th Wednesday of the month | 6:00 pm
AdCare Warwick, RI Outpatient
400 Bald Hill Road
1st Tuesday of the month | 6:30 pm
AdCare Hospital Worcester
107 Lincoln Street
Family and Friends Support Group
Thursdays | 6:30 pm
Learn To Cope, and Al-Anon Family Groups are also available to meet others experiencing similar challenges.
Family Treatment
Family members are also encouraged to participate in counseling to increase their understanding of addiction and learn how to manage its effects on their lives.

Contact: Mary Beth Papcsy, AdCare Media Relations (800) 345-3552, ext. 4058.

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