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New York
Innovative Breast Cancer Surgeon Comes to Westchester
Story Number is : 020518102
Northwell Health

Northwell Health is proud to announce that noted Breast Surgeon Alice M. Police, MD, FACS, has accepted the position of Director of Breast Surgery for the Westchester Region. Widely recognized as a game-changer in the surgical treatment of breast cancer, Dr. Police began seeing patients at Phelps Hospital and Northern Westchester Hospital on October 30, 2017. A woman with ANY concern they feel might be breast cancer related can call 1-833-WBREAST to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Police uses a combination of three surgical technologies to provide innovative treatment for patients needing breast cancer surgery. In most cases her approach results in faster recovery and has a higher likelihood of achieving clear margins in a single breast surgery. Clear margins means that there are no cancer cells at the outer edge of the breast tissue that was removed during surgery. They are an important indicator that all the cancer has been removed.

Dr. Police uses a surgical guidance system called SAVI Scout, which is the first-ever application of radar technology in the human body. The use of SAVI Scout makes the breast surgery more precise so that less healthy tissue is removed.

The second piece of technology is a margin probe from Dune Medical Devices which provides a real-time intraoperative margin assessment, so that Dr. Police knows whether the margins are clear while the patient is still in the operating room. If the margins are not clear, the problem can be addressed during that same surgery, rather than requiring the patient to return for a second surgery. For comparison purposes, when an initial surgery is done in the traditional way, a second surgery be may necessary in up to 25% of patients. When the initial surgery is done using margin probe, the percentage of patients who require a second surgery is generally in the single digits.

Lastly, intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) is used when appropriate. Patients may receive one radiation treatment during the surgery which can potentially prevent the need for six weeks of follow-up radiation therapy.

“A patient can literally have breast cancer one week and not by the following week,” said Dr. Police. “We are developing a comprehensive program at Phelps and Northern Westchester Hospital that cuts through the typical bureaucratic process so a woman can get her treatment started quickly. A woman can come in with a breast lump and promptly get her imaging, biopsy, surgical consultation, medical oncology consultation and genetic information completed by a team of healthcare professionals who aim to provide great medicine and a great patient experience. Our approach is seamless. It decreases anxiety and gets things done so that a woman can get back to her life.”

Daniel Blum, president and CEO of Phelps Hospital, said “We are excited to offer this state-of-the-art treatment for breast cancer. Now there is no need for women who live in the county to travel to Manhattan or elsewhere to receive the best possible diagnosis and care. Dr. Police is among the finest breast surgeons in the nation and we are fortunate to have her join our team here in Westchester.”

“Dr. Police brings a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Just as importantly, she has incorporated her understanding of the mental and emotional impact of the fear of having breast cancer into her practice which is designed to remove barriers and streamline care. This is extremely meaningful to patients,” said Marla Koroly, MD, FACP, MBA, Senior VP, Medical Affairs, and Chief Medical Officer, Northern Westchester Hospital.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Police and her team, call 1-833-WBREAST.

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