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New York
Northwell expands services in Bay Shore with new physician offices
Story Number is : 100217107
Northwell Health

Northwell Health Physician-In-Chief Lawrence Smith, MD, with Northwell Health and Southside Hospital leaders and physicians at 39 Brentwood Road.
Northwell Health has opened a $13 million, multispecialty practice at 39 Brentwood Road in Bay Shore. The 29,000-square-foot facility features cardiology, pulmonology, endoscopy, gastroenterology and pain management services, further complementing offerings already available at other nearby Northwell Health Physician Partners’ practices and Southside Hospital in Bay Shore.

Patients can see a cardiologist specializing in preventive cardiology care, echocardiograms, interventional cardiology services, electrophysiology services, structural heart disease care and women’s heart health services at the new location. In addition, stress, vascular and nuclear testing can be done in the cardiology suite. Board-certified cardiologists from Southside Hospital are on the first floor of the building: Jean Cacciabaudo, MD; Lawrence Ong, MD; Jason Chinitz, MD; Puneet Gandotra, MD; Sinan Kadayifci, MD; Donna Chelle Morales, DO; David Sedaghat, MD; Samy Selim, MD; Kent Stephenson, MD; Azhar Supariwala, MD; Basavaraj Desai, MD; and Ram Jadonath, MD.

Northwell Health Physician Partners Pulmonary Medicine at Bay Shore is in the same building and offers the latest advances in diagnosing and treating pulmonary diseases, including pulmonary and sleep evaluations, pulmonary functioning testing, bariatric and medical clearances, exercise and overnight oximetry, Methacholine challenges, lung cancer screening, smoking cessation and evaluations of occupational lung disease. In addition to four registered respiratory therapists, the following skilled physicians have practices at this office: Laurence Engelberg, MD; Jeffrey Zwang, MD; Ronald Zielinski, MD; Gary Wohlberg, MD; Joseph Saraceno, DO; Dheeraj Khanna, MD; Charles Hall, MD and Cori Murphy Phillips, ANP.

Northwell Health Physician Partners Gastroenterology at Bay Shore offers consultations at this location for inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis/Crohn’s, irritable bowel syndrome, gastro-esophageal reflux disease, ulcers and gall bladder disease. Infusion therapy for inflammatory bowel disease is also available. Consultations for all liver-related conditions, including Hepatitis C, are also performed. Aaron Harrison, MD; Frank Karpowicz, MD; Robert Chatalbash, MD; Jeffrey Ashkin, MD; Mary Thomas, DO; Paul Broomfield, MD; and Jaspreet Singh Joneja, MD are practicing out of this location.

The office has an endoscopy center where patients can receive colonoscopy and colon cancer screening, endoscopy and small bowel capsule endoscopy service. In addition, patients who have reflux disease or non-cardiac chest pain can get Bravo pH studies done here.

For more information or to make an appointment, go to

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