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New York
NUMC’S Psychiatry Residency Program Awarded Platinum Level By The American Psychiatric Association
Story Number is : 032417100
Nassau University Medical Center

Victor F. Politi, MD, FACP, FACEP, NuHealth/NUMC’s President/CEO and Dr. Nyapati Rao, Chair of Psychiatry at NUMC, announced today that the American Psychiatric Association has awarded the Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC) psychiatry residency program the PLATINUM Level of its 100% Club. The American Psychiatric Association is the main organizational home of United States psychiatrists for scholarly presentation, continuing education, and advocacy for patients and for expanded treatment resources.

“The NUMC psychiatry residency program encourages our residents to join and participate as an important enhancement to their education. Achieving the Platinum level of the APA’s 100% club represents 100% resident participation for six years in a row,” stated Drs. Politi and Rao. “For the past nine years NUMC faculty and residents have given courses and presented symposia every year at the APA’s annual meeting.”

In a recent letter, Claire Van Wagner, Membership Development Coordinator for the American Psychiatric Association indicated: “Congratulations! The Nassau University Medical Center has attained approximately 100% resident membership enrollment in the American Psychiatric Association. This level of involvement places the residency program in the Platinum Level.”

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