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New York
Emergency Management Drill Ensures Preparedness
Story Number is : 100217102
Eastern Long Island Hospital

Emergency Management Drill at Eastern Long Island Hospital: Members of ELIH’s engineering team deploy sea gates as they protect the Hospital from a potential tidal surge. During this hurricane season, over twenty-five nursing homes and hospitals were forced to evacuate as a result of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. (l-r): Mike Bernat and Stan Doherty.
During an emergency management drill at Eastern Long Island Hospital (ELIH), the engineering team deployed new sea gates designed to protect the hospital from potential tidal surges. The new sea gates are part of a major storm protection construction project that began in July of 2016.

“Now that the 2017 hurricane season is in full force, we have the extra protection we need to safeguard the hospital from high winds, driving rain and flooding,” states Ray Eble, Vice President Support Service Division. “We have many drills and are constantly reevaluating what we need to be prepared. We are doing everything we can to best shield our physical plant during extreme weather conditions. ‘Sheltering in place’ works best for patient care and comfort.”

Thanks to a generous donation from a grateful patient, an 850 LF (linear feet) reinforced concrete sea wall was installed around the hospital’s perimeter. Coupled with the future installations of a water extraction system, and redundant emergency generator, the hospital’s infrastructure is well prepared to weather the storms and Nor’easters that are prevalent on the East End of Long Island.

The grateful patient, Erica Harold -- an orthopedic patient who had surgery in ELIH’s Advanced Ambulatory Care Center with Dr. Fred Carter -- and her husband Peter funded the project through two family foundations: the David J. and Bobbie Marks Family Fund and the CLC Kramer Foundation, Inc. This lifesaving gift gives ELIH an even greater edge when faced with emergency preparedness challenges.

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