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The Gawlicki Family Foundation Awards Hospital for Special Care $250,000 Grant for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Program
Story Number is : 050817106
Hospital for Special Care

The Gawlicki Family Foundation is awarding Hospital for Special Care (HSC) a $250,000 grant to expand its Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) program the hospital announced today. These funds will be used to increase program capabilities and obtain national certification. Additional services will be added including psychology, social work and nutritional counseling. HSC plans to increase the number of patients seen by 25 percent.

COPD is a progressive disease characterized by frequent worsening of respiratory symptoms leading to further reduced lung function and increased shortness of breath. There are 15 million Americans with the diagnosis and it is the third leading cause of death.

The COPD program is a multidisciplinary system employing unique exercises and education to enable patients affected by COPD to reach a maximum level of independence and function in the community. This grant will enable HSC’s COPD program staff to better help patients increase functional abilities, decrease shortness of breath, improve understanding of respiratory processes and learn relapse prevention techniques.

In addition to expanding the program, HSC will seek designation as a Patient Centered Specialty Program (PCSP) by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. All COPD staff will work to establish and implement a Chronic Care Management (CCM) program to increase CCM access for all its COPD patients.

“We are grateful for these funds and fully appreciate the magnitude of this commitment from the Gawlicki Family Foundation,” said Lynn Ricci, president and CEO, Hospital for Special Care. “We are proud to announce that we will be using these funds to expand the Gawlicki Family COPD Disease Management Program to help the community and those affected by COPD.”

“Hospital for Special Care has consistently adapted to the ever-changing medical landscape to deliver advanced quality care for patients,” said Ted Gawlicki, of the Gawlicki Family Foundation. “These funds will allow the hospital to continue to help those affected by COPD and become a nationally recognized COPD program with a Patient Centered Specialty Program designation.”

For more information about Hospital for Special Care, please call 860.223.2761, or visit

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