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Day Kimball Hospital Completes “Green” Upgrades Thanks to $330,854 in Energy Incentives
Story Number is : 050117101
Day Kimball Healthcare

left to right: ESC Energy Solutions Division Manager Mike Amedeo, DKH President and CEO Joseph Adiletta, DKH Director of Facilities Greg Harubin and ESC Corporate Marketing and Business Development Manager Jessica Stuchel)
Representatives from Environmental Systems Corporation (ESC) and Eversource Energy presented a $330,854 check to Day Kimball Healthcare (DKH) on Friday April 28th for the hospital’s participation in an energy efficiency incentive program. The incentive pays for the bulk of $485,000 in energy-efficient upgrades recently completed at Day Kimball Hospital, which will serve to improve the facility’s operations and also provide long term savings on future energy bills.

The project included the installation of additional insulation on many components of the hospital’s steam plant and distribution system, the testing and repair of existing steam system components, and the replacement and modernization of existing digital controls used to manage heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. After the 70% incentive, Day Kimball Hospital paid only $154,341 out of pocket for these improvements.

“These improvements will produce annual utility savings of $57,000 in addition to the maintenance savings associated with the improvements” said Greg Harubin, Director of Facilities Management at Day Kimball Hospital.
Harubin also noted that the DKH has been proactive in seeking out incentive and grant programs such as this one to allow the non-profit hospital and healthcare system to keep pace with the latest healthcare technologies.

“With the continued growth in technology and equipment enhancements in hospitals there is a corresponding increase in the consumption of electricity. These energy efficient upgrades allow us to offset those increases,” Harubin said.
ESC identified, designed and implemented these latest energy conservation measures at the hospital and also served as the liaison between the Hospital and Eversource Energy to obtain the incentives that helped pay for the upgrades.

“These aggressive utility rebates are not only available to hospitals, they are also offered to many large facilities in the Eversource territory. Like in Day Kimball Hospital’s case, facility owners are more likely to qualify for large incentives when they implement multi-measure energy projects. These types of energy efficiency incentives are the most cost-effective ways to collectively save money, create jobs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enhance energy security, and reduce the need for additional generation plant construction” said Mike Amedeo, ESC’s Energy Solutions Division Manager.

ESC is a family owned building solutions company located in West Hartford, CT. ESC helps facility owners and managers enhance building performance by planning and integrating intelligent solutions to optimize comfort, security, life safety, energy efficiency and audio visual technology. Mike Amedeo, ESC’s Energy Solutions Division Manager works with Eversource to promote energy conservation programs in Eversource’s territory, CT, MA and NH.

For more information contact: Mike Amedeo or 860-953-8800

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