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Hospital Newspaper Web Hosting
Hospital Newspaper offers several affordable website hosting options to choose from. Our hosting packages are designed for small to midsize websites, and dedicated server hosting for larger sites. Are you confused by all the terms, webhosting packages, and features offered by other website hosting companies? We make it simple, we have several packages that are loaded with features for just about any site. When you need more, we can just add to your package!

Even the best website will be a detriment to your business if your customers find it slow to load because you are hosted on an overloaded server. Hospital Newspaper. specializes in providing you with that critical component. Reliable hosting is a product of superior equipment and a high quality, dependable internet connection. Our servers are connected to a 10 Mbps, high-speed, SONET ring network which assures a fully redundant path to the Internet.

Our hosting plans are customized to each customer’s specific needs. We don’t believe in advertising hosting ‘packages’ which make you pay for services you will never need. Much like you would shop around and weigh the options carefully before buying a car or taking out a life insurance policy, you need to communicate to us exactly what you're looking for. Discuss your needs with us and we’ll put together a competitively priced solution that includes our personalized customer service. Sure you might save a few dollars over the course of a year hosting with one of the national carriers, but if you are having problems with your website and need to call them for service or changes, you will soon find out the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ applies.
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